The Movies

Monuments Men, 2013, Germany, Raphael, Young Man Burnt, how a modern computerprint can make the same bubbles like an old oil painting
Monuments Men, 2013, Germany, Ten Minutes Paintings to be Burned,
painted at least from 80 to 100 pictures
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Bengazi, 2015, Malta, a lot of Army Cases
Die Pästin, 2008, Marocco, Pope’s Apartments, aged gold leaves and painted walls and floor
Die Päpstin, 2008, Marocco, painted roman marble floor
Die Päpstin, 2008, Marocco, Thron Room, painted everything
Afrika, Mon Amour, 2006, Kenya, Lamu City Center and built Jetty, Church and Quay wall painted and aged
Afrika, Mon Amour, 2006, Kenya, Aging the built Jetty
Afrika, Mon Amour, 2006, Kenya, Two times painted the whole train, a british version in blue and white and the german version in Pale Green, aged
Poll, 2009, Estland, built house completly aged down
Cloud Atlas, 2012, Germany, Mallorca, Sonmi Sculpture, Surface Samples
Das Adlon, 2012, Berlin, Studio Construction, marble everywhere
Aida, 2003, Backlight stage design,
400 x 400 cm
Ariadne auf Naxos, 2012, Festspielhaus, Baden Baden, 1700 x 900 cm
Licht, 2016, Erfurt, Studio Construction, Crackle paint on Oven and Walls, painted floor
The Man in the High Castle, 2015, Berlin, Austria,
Bridge of Spies, 2014, Berlin, Breslau, Miles of brand new barbed wire…..and a plastic oven painted like ceramic
Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe, Berlin, 2004, painted Marble Vase, Palace
Outlander, 2017, Scotland, Box of Power (for Continuity)